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May 21 – The Sydney Writers’ Festival begins May 16 and runs to May 22. I will be appearing on a panel at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre talking about the ins and outs of self-publishing with two other great authors.

April 16 and April 17 – Ironfest is back at Lithgow, and this year the theme is The Holy Grail, which is a perfect fit for GOM’s Gold’s Arthurian roots. See you there.

March 13, 2016 – After six months of recovering from a hip operation … and Christmas … and New Year … and summer, I’m back on board and kicking the year off with an appearance at the Highland Gathering at the Scots School in Bathurst.

Author news

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March, 2016 – Great news. I have just been appointed a board director of The Australian Society of Authors, which, by the way, offers great services for writers and authors. I really value my membership.

June – This month, I signed an 18-month contract with Woodslane to distribute GOM’s Gold nationally through bookstores and department stores.

News links

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June 23, 2015: Fresh Air Daily – Mountains author brings GOM’s Gold to Supanova

January 8, 2015: Megalong Books – A conversation with S.L. Mills

December 24, 2014: EFT Universe in the US:

Book links

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This page contains links to interesting articles about books and literature.
July 25 – Childrens’ fantasy – why escaping reality is good for kids
March 13 – Self-publishing matters – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise
February 26 – Why are so many adults reading YA teen fiction?
February 25 – 51 of the world’s most beautiful sentences

Adventures of a self-publisher

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This page logs lots of information that I discover on my self-publishing journey with GOM’s Gold which I hope others following in my footsteps will find helpful.